Adidas originals deserves a page of its own because the process that we went through to develop this brand is different to mainstream performance product design. It's also a process that many companies today want to replicate. In 1999, companies with longevity were beginning to realise how important it was to tell their consumers about their history and adidas was no exception. Plundering the design archives to resurrect old product wasn't enough and adidas devised a campaign which involved buying back licenses from local markets to regain control of the brand to tweaking old designs to make them relevant for the new season. Specialised distribution channels were set up, tailored marketing campaigns were launched and the rebranding of adidas originals began. Satish was tasked with doing much of this work. The experience he gained over the years from digging up old catalogues in Germany to sourcing original heritage product in Tokyo, to overseeing the photoshoots of the final designs that he developed from them is invaluable.